2021- The Year Of “Better”

Jan 1, 2021

We could all use a little

“BETTER“ this year!

Are you a New Years resolution maker? Do you have to tell everyone you know about them on social media? 

Do you have goals you want to reach physically written down? Business, personal, etc.?

Writing things down & putting them where I can see them always helps me succeed. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s 100% accurate. You need to keep what’s important to you in the forefront, as not to lose sight of it. When it comes to goals, I have them printed out and put on a board in my office. That way, I see them every single day – keeps each day moving forward to gaining the goals. 

Did 2020 bring a whole new level of anxiety for you? Did you dread many parts of this year? 

I’m here to tell you that we will MAKE 2021 BETTER!! 

How are you going to make an active change for 2021?

Here are my top 5 tips for preparing yourself and your goals for success:

  1. Make a plan/list of goals
  2. Write it out and print it 
  3. Hang list where you can see it daily
  4. Drink good coffee
  5. Repeat step 3&4 daily

Let’s get caffeinated!



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