For those of you who don’t know me — I’m a caffeine, collaboration, and cat (and dog) lover, who most days wishes she was Lorelai Gilmore. I strive on all things strategic thinking and positivity and I dream daily about how little old me can change the world to be a more positive place. I work hard day in and day out to show the world my positive vibes while sometimes showcasing the caffeine jitters.

I speak on marketing, positivity, and authenticity topics.

hello love, I'm Kelly

Everything in my life has something to do with coffee

- Lorelei Gilmore

where it all started

I’ve been in the professional marketing world for 10+ years and worked in industries far and wide. Ever since I was in middle school, I knew I wanted to go into marketing as a profession. NO JOKE.
To me, marketing is more than just a job title, it is the ability to make people feel something about a brand that they haven’t before.
I love getting a full cup of coffee and diving into deep thinking zones to build strategies that help my clients get ahead of the curve. 

and now we're here

I started Caffeine with Kelly to bring joy to the world, one cup of coffee at a time, though my marketing knowledge. 
If you are looking for someone to either help you build your marketing strategies, enhance your social media presence, speak in front of your audience, or just someone to chat about which coffee shops are the best - you’ve made it to the right place!

let's get to work

more about me

espresso shot list

I have two black cats (Jasper, Jackson) and one black dog (Ranger)

My love for coffee comes from my nana, mama, sister and Lorelai Gilmore- and I LOVE Gilmore Girls.

My favorite singer is Alan Jackson

My go-to coffee order is: Iced Cold Brew with Honey OR Caramel Latte with skim milk

I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, they are too sweet for me. But their Pumpkin Cold Foam is amazing! (Pro tip: most local coffee shops make their pumpkin spice in house and it’s the best thing ever - go check out your neighborhood coffee shop for the best options!)

If you couldn't tell...

As a coffee connosisseur, I would love nothing more than to try new coffees literally always. If you also have a coffee obsession and have a coffee order I MUST try, send me your coffee order below and your instagram handle.I'll tag you on instagram with my review of your coffee order. 

spreadng joy one cup of coffee at a time

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I love coffee

I love coffee


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