May 19, 2021

Daring To Set Boundaries Is About Having The Courage To Love Ourselves, Even When We Risk Disappointing Others.”

Brené Brown

In my entrepreneurial journey so far – I have learned a lot about BOUNDARIES.

My whole life I have been a “people pleaser“ or a “yes woman“. I want to serve others. I want to help where I can. Even if it costs me my peace, joy, or sanity!

However, as an entrepreneurial, boundaries were even harder for me to keep constant. It took months of me practicing that “No“ is a full sentence. I had too many clients who walked all over me just because they asked nicely and they knew that that I had already gone way above and beyond for them.

Then one day it clicked.

Like in the quote above, I was afraid to upset others. I was afraid to let anyone down. But at the end of the day, I was letting myself down. I was letting my family down because I would work all night and all weekend for a client that didn’t respect me and my family time.

So I decided that protecting my peace is the most important thing I can do!

  • It’s the most important for my loved ones who want quality time
  • It’s the most important for my other clients who respect me and my time
  • It’s the most important to my community whom I love to serve

Since that day, my calendar is now blocked for most of the day Mondays and Fridays so that I can get admin and learning tasks done. Things that will help my business grow and thrive while the rest of the week is all about my clients and all they need!

Trust me, if you’re struggling to set boundaries for yourself – it’s better than the alternative!



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