Don’t Do This In Your Marketing!

Jul 26, 2021

You would never spill coffee on your computer, right? — RIGHT!

That being said hope this blog post finds you well and I also hope that since I’m using the word “don’t“ you will not take that as a challenge to continue doing these things. 🤣 (Trust me, don’t spill coffee on your computer – it won’t end well.)

Don’t do this in your marketing…

  1. Don’t only talk about yourself, your products, or your offerings: People are following you or subscribed to your email list not because they want to hear you talk about yourself every second of every day, they want to hear about what value you can provide them. There’s a difference! Try using “you“ in your speech/content more, and less “I“.
  2. Don’t think that getting a low amount a views is bad: You have a reel that “only gets 100 views“. THAT’S GREAT! You just left an impression on 100 people. Imagine if you have 100 people walking into your door right now – that would be overwhelming! Love on those 100 people. They are your people!
  3. Don’t bash others: This is just the worst. I saw someone talking directly about another person on social media to get them and their brand ahead. Even if you’re right, never bash someone else. Be true to who you are, but the days of word vomiting about others is LONG GONE! Also, no one wants negativity in their social media feeds!
  4. Don’t post and ghost: When you have a beautiful post that you took time and effort to create, don’t just post it and run away. Engage with your community, share it on your story, etc. Keep the momentum going. Tip: Take 10 minutes before your post and engage (like, comment, share, DM) on other’s things, so that when you post, you’ll get others who want to engage on your content too! It’s only fair – the more you engage with others, the more engagement you will get in return!
  5. Don’t avoid showing up authentically: So many brands are terrified to show their faces on video or photo content. People buy from people. The more people can see you, hear from you, learn to trust you, the better it will be for your brand! Also, you’re gorgeous – work it!!

I hope these things shine some lights on topics you have been seeing or even posting yourself. Always try and put yourself into the shoes of your ideal client/customer – what do they want to see, compared to what do you want to tell them about.

I’m always here if you have any questions!

Stay caffeinated!



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