Having A Case Of The Mondays?

Aug 3, 2020

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and think “wow I wish I had another day off”?! Like you’re in a daze and want to just skip to Tuesday? Or Friday?

Don’t kid yourself (let’s be real)- that’s every/most Monday!

  • Monday’s can be hard.
  • Monday’s can seem like they are the longest days.
  • Monday’s can drag you down and create a sense of worry and resentment for the rest of the week.

How can you change this? How can we make Monday’s the best day of the week?!



But how? What makes your Monday hard?

Is it work? Is it a meeting you have every Monday that you dread? Is it how you were supposed to prep food over the weekend and you just didn’t get to it.

Maybe it’s because you’re afraid of a new week – new challenges – new schedules.

Have you ever thought about incorporating what you do on the weekend or during your self care time, to your Monday? WAIT WHAT?! You can do that?!

Why not? Add something that will make you look forward to your day! Maybe it’s waking up 10 minutes earlier than your family to meditate or read. Maybe it’s frothing milk for your coffee. Maybe it’s writing down one goal you have for today and how to tackle it. Maybe it’s using a silly mug for your caffeinated beverage that day. Maybe it’s getting some fresh air in the middle of your day. Maybe it’s having Monday night date nights — definitely something to look forward to!

Once you learn to do something for you, even the smallest of things, you will feel like your day is off to a brand new start.

Not only are you starting a new week but you can start with new intentions and goals and dreams. Get it girl! Don’t forget your coffee!


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