Instagram Hacks

May 4, 2021

Who Doesn’t Need Some Extra Instagram Hacks?

I know I do!

We all know how impactful Instagram is – but especially how important MARKETING in general is.

See below for some Instagram Hacks from an all around marketing guru:

  1. Enticing profile image
    1. If you’re a product-based business: Using your logo as a profile picture is preferred. Especially if you’re well known, people want to see your logo and follow what you are doing. However, people do buy from people so that’s why even HUGE brands like Lincoln, use Matthew McConaughey as a spokesperson for their brand to add in a humanistic element to their brand.
    2. If you’re a service-based business: Pick a profile picture that is authentically you. People want to see the face behind the service-based business since they will be buying and working directly with you.
  2. Value-based content
    1. Always make sure that you are providing value. One day it might be a video, the next could be a carousel, the next could be a photo post or a reel. Especially in today’s day – people want to learn from you! So shine your light and share all the value you can!
  3. Variety
    1. People learn in different ways. So make sure that you have content about the same things – repurposed – in other ways so everyone can digest your valuable information!
  4. Reels
    1. I hope I’m not beating a dead horse here – but Reels are taking over the game. You don’t have to dance around or pick a trending song – just be authentically you and provide value in that format like you would for any other content piece.
  5. Move people off of Instagram
    1. Unfortunately, you could have 10 million followers, but you don’t own that list. Create content that drives them to take action to go get on your email list. Entice your audience with a valuable freebie to get them to join you over there! (Ya’ll know how much I love emails haha so don’t get me started!)
  6. Consistency
    1. Have a strategy and be consistent. It’s not easy. Just do it. You’ll thank yourself and me later!

I hope these tips served you! If they did, please let me know!

Til next time!



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