Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Dec 1, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Caffeine Addicts!

This year seems a bit off, doesn’t it? Not many of us are getting together with family or friends for the holiday, cyber Monday turned into cyber week, and some are finding it hard to decide what to be thankful for this year.

2020 sure has thrown some curve balls our way – but you know what, if we weren’t prepared to catch them, we wouldn’t have had them thrown at us! Hey reader, you are stronger than you think! Don’t believe me? Look at the start of this year, until now. It’s been a wild ride and some days seemed really hard, but there was always a spark of light in you that kept you pushing forward and striving for better.

When the hard days would come – you’d get your pretty butt out of bed and make your favorite caffeinated beverage and tackle the day with grace. Because you are a rockstar!

I hope you find the little things this year that make you feel blessed and thankful. To me, it’s the fact that there is technology from where I could have some virtual “face time” with my family and friends. There’s the fact that we have been keeping Bourbon Cream in our fridge to add to our coffee for special occasions, so Thanksgiving was one of those indulgence days. Lastly, I’m thankful for my health and knowledge.

The world is tough darlin, but so are you!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year – celebrate the little wins (like having extra Bourbon Cream at your disposal) – you deserve it!


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