Dec 30, 2020

We got 12 inches of snow last night. Yes, you read that right, 1 whole foot of snow! ❄️

While shoveling this morning, I kept thinking about how quickly things can change overnight. In this case, literally.️ During the day, dry pavement. At night, a massive blizzard. Wake up, 12 inches of countless white ice particles all over the place!

We really are drinking coffee in a winter wonderland this morning. 

Speaking of change, 2020 has been full of it. The whole world was shut down in preparation for what the new COVID-19 virus had in store. Civil unrest swept the nation. Virtual work and schooling hit nearly every household. Election stress was a main topic at Zoom Thanksgiving dinners..

Imagine where you’d be if the pandemic never hit? What would you be doing right now? Would you still be in your pajamas with a giant cup of coffee in hand, like me, while planning for your week ahead? Or would you be physically in an office or a school or any other place of work going about your day like it’s any other Wednesday? Maybe you would be travelling the world with a friend instead of being quarantined at home over the holidays.

Take a moment and think about where you’d be and what’s so different about this year (besides the obvious). 

What did this year teach you? As we all had to put life on hold for the most of this year, did this year make you stronger? Did it help you prioritize what is really important? 

Even though it was a long year, I bet that all of the change made you a better person.

Change is hard.

Change is stressful.

Change is needed.

Now go grab a refill of your favorite cup of joe and be thankful for today! 2021 is coming near and it’s time to make waves of change!



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