WHY NOT? – Positivity

Jan 6, 2021


is key!

So now you’re probably sitting there reading this blog article going, “Kelly, no one has as much positivity as you do in their lives – why are you pushing this so hard on us?”

The answer is: WHY NOT?

Worst case scenario, you add some extra smiles to your day. Best case, you have a new outlook to start each day with?

Do you ever hear your alarm go off and think to yourself, UGGHHHH I don’t want to work today? Then from that moment further you hit snooze too many times, you finally get up, sluggishly get ready and log on to start your day.

What if…

instead you woke up and thought to yourself, YESSSS another beautiful morning… I got this! ? How would that change your day? Would you only hit snooze once? Would you put on a good song and sing in the shower to get ready? Would you write down your to dos while prepping your favorite morning beverage? Would you log on with excitement to check what awaits your morning?

WHY NOT do what you can to change your narrative each day?

WHY NOT think more positively when you wake up?

WHY NOT sing in the shower?

Next time you wake up and dread the day ahead – I hope a smile comes across your face as you think that YOU ARE AMAZING and will conquer your day with grace.



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